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Fern Tree Spa

Gentlemen's Spa

Take advantage of specially designed treatments—like a facial that soothes shaved skin—or just a great haircut.

Gentlemen's Muscle Memory Massage

Designed for the physically active, focusing on deep tissue work and full range of motion stretches. Ideal for golfers and tennis enthusiasts

Target Touch

Hit the spot with massage therapy focused on your area of concern, releasing tension and improving range of motion

Gentlemen's Elemis Skin Energiser

A hard-working treatment for dehydrated skin and tired eyes. Maximizes cell regeneration while steam and extraction decongest. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst scalp and foot massage deeply relax

Gentlemen's Manicure or Pedicure

This moisturising treatment starts with an aromatherapy soak, and includes exfoliation and a hand or foot massage. Manicures are for 30 mins and pedicures are for 45 mins
Fern Tree Spa

Fern Tree Remedy

Indulge in a Personalised Therapeutic Massage (90 mins) and receive a complimentary body exfoliation (30 mins) when you book the Fern Tree Remedy at our spa.

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