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Fern Tree Spa

Therapeutic Massage

Your wish is our command. Choose gentle pressure, an invigorating deep tissue session or something new—maybe hot stones or aromatherapy?

Fern Tree Signature Massage

Complete with a cerasee foot bath, this treatment features a relaxing massage that uses healing techniques from around the world, and our signature blend of allspice, ginger and orange. Infused body compresses and a rum body splash finishes this massage and gives a new meaning to the idea of bliss

Personalised Therapeutic Massage

Allow your massage therapist to customise a massage treatment specific to your needs. Your therapist will combine Eastern and Western massage techniques and modalities to create the perfect massage for you

Thai Massage

Combining passive stretching and gentle pressure with the body’s energy lines increases flexibility, relieves muscle and joint tension, and balances the body’s energy systems. Thai massage is both deeply relaxing and energising

Fern Tree Shiatsu

Our holistic therapy incorporates techniques of the traditional Japanese massage, anma acupressure, stretching, and Western massage. Shiatsu applies pressure to key areas to maintain physical and mental wellbeing, and alleviate discomfort

Awaken Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body with this firm, deep tissue massage, improving flexibility and mobility

Bamboo Massage

The use of Jamaican manicured bamboo is employed with Swedish massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and release tension

Motherhood Massage

Expectant mothers can ease back and hip pain and improve circulation with this stress-relieving massage. Ideal for the second and third trimesters

West Indian Scalp and Body Massage

Invigorating head-to-toe massage using wild lime & ginger oil. This re-mineralizing blend is gently warmed and applied vigorously to the scalp to stimulate circulation, nourish the hair, relax the muscles, and clear the mind

Rosemary Reflexology

Peppermint, sea salt, mint-infused witch hazel and rosemary are the key ingredients used to exfoliate, soothe, invigorate and relax your extremities during this refreshing reflexology treatment, increasing flexibility and improving circulation

Sole Food

Warm aroma-therapeutic oils are used to nourish and condition the feet, relieve fluid retention, increase flexibility and restore mobility

Four-Handed Synchronised Massage

This treatment is carried out by two therapists and incorporates traditional Swedish maneuvers in a synchronized motion

Island Hot Rock Massage

Traditional Swedish massage strokes combined with smooth, heated lava stones to warm the muscles and joints, inducing a deeper state of relaxation

Aroma Massage

This light pressure massage incorporates essential oil blends – Harmony for balance, energizing Vitality or Soothing for relaxation

Ocean Waves Reiki

This experience restores mental, physical and emotional balance by combining relaxation techniques, meditation and healing hands

Ease-up Swedish Massage

A light to medium pressure massage - employing long, gliding strokes and kneading – relieves stress, tension and muscle aches and improves circulation and flexibility.

Fern Tree Spa

Fern Tree Remedy

Indulge in a Personalised Therapeutic Massage (90 mins) and receive a complimentary body exfoliation (30 mins) when you book the Fern Tree Remedy at our spa.

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